Resale Assistance Program

Improving conditions and increasing values in our local communities, ONE BY ONE!

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Project Cost: $10,000

Increased Value: $30,000

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What We Do

The Resale Assistance Program (RAP) is a program designed to team with homeowners who often sell their property at a reduced price due to the condition of their property and/or the health of their mortgage. We offer an alternative to this by providing funding and contracting resources to homeowners who lack the time and/or resources to optimize their property’s condition and/or keep their mortgage current, in order to sell their home at maximum value.

How It Works


Connect with Us

We discuss the sale and condition of your property, gather all necessary information to get started, and set up a walk-thru of your property to assess your situation in detail.



We meet you at your property, perform a walk-thru with you and your real estate agent to assess the renovations needed in order to optimize your property’s condition and maximize your property’s value.


Finalize your Plan

We complete all documentation specifying the renovation to be completed, the cost and timeline of the renovation, and any other assistance.


Get Started

Your stress stops. Our team begins work.

Why RAP?

Traditional Sale

  • Buyer negotiates to reduce price due to condition
  • Buyer selects another home due to condition
  • You manage stressful repairs
  • You pay for all repairs

RAP Sale

  • Buyer negotiates less because repairs are completed
  • Buyer looks no further in the buying process
  • We manage all repairs
  • We pay for all repairs
  • We will work with your agent or our partner-agents

Investor Sale

  • Quick sale, give-away program
  • They capitalize on your situation and your property’s condition
  • You are subject to offers that make them money, not you
  • You are subject to scams/fraud

Benefits of the RAP:

  • No out-of-pocket expenses
  • Timely, professional contractors performing work
  • Increased sales price
  • Decreased days on market (DOM)
  • All parties have one common goal: To optimize the property’s condition and maximize the property’s value

The RAP provides assistance for:

  • Property rehab: painting, flooring, curb appeal, kitchens, baths, and more
  • Mortgage payments
  • Inspection required repairs
  • Lender required repairs
  • Moving expenses
  • And more

Our Work

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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